AboutFace Productions, Inc. is the missing ingredient in your special event!

Let our experienced artists use your face as a canvas to create a masterpiece. We entertain at a variety of events including: birthday parties, festivals, community and sales events to name a few. Our artists have years of experience, including painting faces in the Walt Disney World theme parks.

We are insured for your protection. Our technique is cutting edge, so you can say good-bye to "cheek art" and experience full faces that will turn you into a fairy princess, a ferocious tiger, or a goofy little monkey!

Our Artists

Our face painters are the best that the business has to offer! They all have received weeks of formal training, as well as extensive hands-on experience in Orlando’s theme parks. All artists can complete faces in five minutes or less to assure that there is never an issue of customers having to wait in long lines. We take pride in our creations and our customer service is of the highest quality. All of our artists adhere to the Performers of the U.S. Face Painters Code of Ethics.

​​AboutFaceProductions, Inc.